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Moroccan Berber Handmade Wool Pouf – Unique design and colors – 60x60x30 cm (FL30)


Beautiful Moroccan floor cushion, handmade from vintage Moroccan rugs. The pouf is so vintage, you will love it. Its colors are beautiful, a piece of high quality and very soft, the perfect complement to any room, originally made of the best wool by Berber women. Each pouf tells a unique story, with its texture, patterns, and color palette, creating fantastic pieces, highly coveted in the world of decoration.

+Dimensions :
Width: 60cm
Length: 60cm
Height: 30cm

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Berber floor cushion, authentic Moroccan handmade wool pouf. What makes it unique is that you will find that this is the only design available.


Moroccan wool poufs are perfect for any type of interior-exterior decoration, it gives your interior a beautifully unique and elegant touch.

It can be used as an extra seat, to raise your feet, or even a table for indoor or outdoor styling purposes.

Please note that the beanbags are not shaved. Do not worry!! There is a zipper at the bottom of the beanbag which makes it quite easy to fill because shipping a padded beanbag would cost a fortune, so in order to maintain your prices we suggest the following

• Polyester fill if you plan to use your beanbag only as a decoration element, 2 poly-fill bags would work perfectly.

• Find unused clothing and textiles that you can find around your house and use them to fill the bean bag. These different textiles will make your beanbag heavy and stable enough to sit on.

+Dimensions :
Width: 60cm
Length: 60cm
Height: 30cm

Our wool poufs are of maximum durability, giving beauty and practicality to spaces.

You can change the look of your spaces by using it as additional seats, footrests, as beautiful floor pillows, to create a relaxed boho atmosphere or as a cozy bed for the family’s cute pets.

Being made of rugs, they are of high quality and unique, as no 2 rugs are exactly alike.

By wearing this square seat, you will be wearing a unique piece that will add a very special touch to your home.
Provides a cozy atmosphere to your home, oriental style. Perfect the décor instantly.


More than product sellers, we are Moroccan craft lovers! we like to share our best quality of Moroccan Berber crafts that will suits perfectly your interior decoration, 
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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 30 cm


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1 in stock