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Vintage clutch bag – Metal Boho Handbag – Vintage Boho Bag – Wedding Clutch Bag – Handmade Statement Clutch – Ethnic Clutch

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A stunning vintage brass handbag crafted with pink, white, goldstone, and ancient ethnic tribal details, and a smooth black lining. The work is very intricate and unique, making this bag a great accessory for your special events.

The bag has colored stone and brass details on the front and back so it can be worn with either side.

The bag can be used as a shoulder bag and a clutch bag. It comes with a long brass chain so it can be worn as a shoulder bag, but the chain can also be tucked into the bag and the clasp will still work well making it a perfect clutch bag for nights out. The closure is so strong that it will not open on its own and only opens when consciously opened.

The bag is handmade so there will be some imperfections that add to the unique tribal beauty of the bag.

This bag is a giant piece of jewelry made by South Asian crafts and is so unique that it truly is a special statement piece for your accessory collection that is truly a piece of wearable art.

The little details are always what makes the difference!


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